Re-Elect Peggy Trent


In 2014, I made several commitments to Albany County if elected to serve as your County & Prosecuting Attorney. Over the past few months, I have highlighted my accomplishments through the County Attorney Clips as to what I have done to fulfill those commitments.  The following are  my visions and priorities if elected to serve a 2nd term. (See Interview on LaramieLive above.)

Mental Health – To address how we treat our mentally ill in the criminal justice system or more specifically how we use the criminal justice system to treat the mentally ill. 

Mental Health is a growing concern in our community and around the country. Studies have also shown that drug or alcohol addiction also involve a mental health component. Unfortunately, in our community, jail, prisons and the hospital have become the means for mental health and substance abuse treatment.

The increasing number of individuals with mental health and substance use conditions in the criminal justice system has had a tremendous impact fiscally on humans.  Diverting individuals with mental health and substance use conditions away from jails and prisons and toward more appropriate and community-based mental health care is an essential component to provide people the supports they need and to eliminate unnecessary involvement in the juvenile and criminal justice systems.

In my next term, I will continue to work with the mental health board and community stakeholders to find strategies to eliminate the unnecessary involvement of the criminal justice system and divert mentally ill individuals from the criminal justice system and providing treatment alternative services on an out patient basis in our community.

Substance Abuse – To address the growing substance abuse problems among juveniles and families.

There has been an increase in drug usage among juveniles and families in our community.  It is important we have a system available to address the needs of our juveniles and families through specialized treatment services The goal is to reduce use of controlled substances, and reduce recidivism of being in the criminal system

My office is in the process of developing a juvenile drug court through the juvenile justice system to meet the individual mental health needs of juveniles while working with families who also suffer from substance abuse addiction issues. I will continue to work for the implementation of this Court as well as expanding Adult Drug Court to address the needs instead of warehousing offenders in our jails and prisons.

Vulnerable Adults – To address the criminal issues facing vulnerable adults.

Not all adults can protect and care for themselves whether that is due to their age or disability.  Safeguarding and protection of vulnerable adults or adults at risk is imperative.   There needs to be more education and awareness of signs of exploitation and establishing a responsibility to report abuses and exploitation for investigation and prosecution.

In my next term, I will work with community organizations to educate the public and stakeholders as to the signs of abuse and neglect and exploitation and how to report. From there, I will employ a collaborative approach to increase prosecution to keep vulnerable adults safe.

For Albany County Attorney