Re-Elect Peggy Trent


In 2014, I made several commitments to Albany County if elected to serve as your County & Prosecuting Attorney. Over the next few weeks, I will highlight my accomplishments in fulfilling those commitments and share my visions and priorities if elected to serve a 2nd term.


  • Reduce the number of children who are being charged in adult court for misdemeanor crimes including traffic misdemeanor offenses which carry a penalty of jail, and alcohol or drug related offenses.
  • Work closely with law enforcement, the school district, and child protection agencies to ensure the safety of our children.
  • Review all offenses committed by juveniles, including minor, misdemeanors and traffic offenses that carry a penalty of jail to determine how juveniles should be prosecuted.
  • Rely on assessment tools and a team approach in determining the most appropriate court for juveniles versus single individual making all the decisions for a child’s safety.
  • Utilize existing programs and available community resources for earlier intervention and rehabilitation of juveniles.
  • Ensure openness, accountability and data to the public on juvenile matters.
  • Restore authority of law enforcement to take a child into protective custody when they are concerned about a child’s safety.
  • Require earlier intervention for the protection and safety of children.

In 2015, the establishment of the Single Point of Entry Team to ensure an efficient and effective youth justice process in Albany County.  The Team reviews all complaints involving child delinquency issues.  The Team includes the County Attorney/Prosecutor Designee; Department of Family Services Representatives; Law Enforcement, including School Resource Officers; School Representatives; and Services Provider Representatives. The Single Point Team meets weekly to determine whether the best interest of a child and/or of the public require that judicial action be taken, or whether the specific case warrants referral to community based diversion or services.  See County Attorney Clip – Juvenile Single Point of Entry

In 2015, the Albany County Attorney’s Office in collaboration with the Albany County Department of Family Services formed the Child Protection Team.  The Child Protection Team meets every other week reviewing abuse and neglect cases involving juveniles.  The team discusses the safety of children and identifies services and programs for families.  See County Attorney Clip – Juvenile – Child Protection Team.

In 2015, the establishment Albany County Community Juvenile Services Board (“Juvenile Board”). The purpose of the Juvenile Board is to review existing juvenile services, develop a community-wide juvenile services strategic plan, ensure that the system of juvenile services employs certain specific practices and to identify, develop, implement and enhance services for at-risk juveniles in Albany County aimed at achieving the purpose of a community juvenile services board as outlined in the Wyoming Community Juvenile Services Act.  The Juvenile Board consists of a steering committee and advisory committee.  The steering committee shall consist of nine (9) members, all of whom shall be qualified electors of Albany County. In addition to each of the members appointed by the Participating Agencies, membership of the steering committee shall include the Albany County & Prosecuting Attorney or their designee, the Chief of the Laramie Police Department or their designee, the Albany County Sheriff or designee, and a Supervisor of the Albany County Office of the Wyoming Department of Family Service or designee.   See County Attorney Clips – Juvenile: Albany County Community Juvenile Board

In 2016, the Albany County & Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and the Albany County Juvenile Board identified a connection between a juvenile not attending school and a juvenile having law enforcement contact. The Board developed truancy protocols which provides the Albany County & Prosecuting Attorney’s Office uniformity in handling juveniles who do not attend school including process for the development a program to assist families. See County Attorney Clips – Juvenile: Truancy Protocols

In 2015, the Albany County & Prosecuting Attorney’s Office expanded the diversion program to include more juveniles and developed levels of intervention to deter future criminal behavior by a juvenile without going through the court system.  The program also insures that juveniles are getting the services identified by the Single Point of Entry Team to assist a juvenile in their future. See County Attorney Clips – Juvenile: Diversion Program

In 2018, creation of the Albany County Integrated Youth Treatment Program (IYTP) within the Juvenile Court in Albany County.  The mission of IYTP is to provide intensive, evidence-based, treatment, services and interventions for juveniles with substance use disorders who are at medium to high risk of re-offending, and would otherwise likely be placed in a residential treatment program outside the community. The mission of IYTP is consistent with the OJJDP Juvenile Drug Treatment Court Guidelines (December, 2016) to reduce recidivism and substance use, keep youth in their home and community, save costs related to out-of-community placements and increase school success to produce productive individuals in our community. See County Attorney Clips – Juvenile: Integrated Juvenile Treatment Program

In 2017, the Albany County & Prosecuting Attorney’s Office established the restorative justice program.  The program is an alternative approach of rehabilitation of a juvenile in the criminal system.  The goal of the program is to reduce juveniles re-offending in the criminal system, shape  positive  behavior  of juvenile ,  provide  a  sense  of  healing  for  the  victim  and  the community, repair the harm caused by the offense, and hold the juvenile accountable in a meaningful way. See County Attorney Clips- Juvenile: Restorative Justice Program

The Albany County & Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and the  Juvenile Board proposed legislation prohibiting sexting by juveniles and legislation expanding the definition of child abuse to include illegal confinement of juveniles  The Albany County State legislative delegation carried the legislation resulting in its passage. See County Attorney Clips – Juvenile: Sexting Legislation and Juvenile: Child Abuse Legislation

In 2015, the Albany County & Prosecuting Attorney’s Office implemented the Alive @ 25 diversion program in Laramie.  This is a driving education program for juveniles who receive traffic citations.  See County Attorney Clip s- Juvenile: Alive @ 25 Program

In 2016, the Albany County & Prosecuting Attorney’s Office in collaboration with the Juvenile Board developed protocols on Bullying andHarassment for the protection of juveniles. SeeCounty Attorney Clips – Juvenile: Bullying & Harassment Protocols

Criminal Prosecution:

  • Assess and appropriately charge felony cases.
  • Restructure the County Attorney’s Office to use a team approach to prosecution involving law enforcement and outside agencies to increase trial conviction rate.
  • Be proactive and talk with victims of crime and victim coordinators to assist victims throughout the criminal justice process.
  • Reach out to community organizations and develop initiatives that will actually reduce crime rather than just prosecute it.
  • Employ a collaborative approach to prosecution to increase trial conviction rate.
  • Work with law enforcement agencies and victim witness coordinators to obtain successful outcomes.

Management of Office:

  • Establishing a culture of fiscal management and responsibility.
  • Ensure taxpayer’s are getting their money‘s worth. The office will be transparent with all data, statistics, and expenses.
  • Ensure openness and accountability to the public.
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